Vladislav Delay: Multila

life films us exactly.

our experience of it, though, lies beyond images and descriptions.emotions, coming in irrational flashes, are non-figurable. we lose our little connection to them very quickly. we look for forms with this in mind: that they can take us to meet the subconscious.

Multila's construction is principled this way. fragments of experience, moments without definition or localisation are captured within tiny fragmets of time and then within one's mindspace. we can look into it and see that experience has left some of its data to us. as we receive it, again and again, we are connected and reconnected to certain indefinable moments. both during and after its recording, multila is a tool to learn about the unintentional states of us.
it is a way to see your own emotional loops.

Multila is a soundtrack for vision.

vladislav delay
CRD-09 (CD) 2000