Love Joys: Reggae Vibes

Reggae Vibes was the Love Joys' first album, initially released in 1981 on the Florida-based Top Ranking label (when it was also entitled Jah Light on the inside labels).
It features 10 tunes produced and recorded at Wackies NY, ranging from lovers rock and uptempo dance vibes to roots and reality.
Tracks include: Stranger and All I Can say (which also appear on Lovers Rock Reggae Style / Showcase in different mixes);
Studio Man, a tribute to Bullwackie himself; Jah Light, in Bullwackie's words, "shining a favourite of mine and very inspirational in all of the crew at Wackies, with Jah Scotty always ready to drum up some steady beats along with Roy Bassie from the Wackies Rhythm Force; Watch Them, "a revolutionary cry from Sonia Abel - a very special writer that can stretch far into her imagination - just vibing in the studio"; Love Is Not A Game, "typical lovers rock sharing roots feeling in a dance style, Love Joys Stylee"; How Long, "another love song, sweet sounding vocals makes life feel real special".
A must for all Wackies fans.
W-3239 (LP/CD) 2002