Horace Andy: Tribute To Bob Marley

This re-issue combines two twelves.
Tribute To Bob Marley was originally released on the Top Ranking International label in 1981, soon after the Wailer’s death in May, and provided an outstanding cut on Horace Andy's Exclusively album set issued the following year in London by Solid Groove. The flip side featured Jah Batta’s DJ cut Great Super Star, uncredited on the original label.
Lingering Spirit offers a completely different mix, first issued in England on the red Bullwackie’s label in 1983 (its title more reticent now, after the hundreds of Marley tribute records). It was coupled with Horace’s compelling interpretation of Love Hangover, which - though Lloyd Barnes himself has always been a soft touch for a bit of lovers - had been principally arranged and recorded by Prince Douglas, the year before.
W-88 (12") 2006